NSLU2-Linux Optware

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Oleg's firmware




  1. busybox: A userland replacement for embedded systems.
  2. coreutils: Bunch of heavyweight *nix core utilities
  3. e2fsprogs: Ext2 Filesystem Utilities
  4. util-linux: A suite of essential utilities for any Linux system.
  5. util-linux-ng: A suite of essential utilities for any Linux system, this version is a fork of util-linux.


  1. gzip: GNU Zip data compression program
  2. bzip2: Very high-quality data compression program
  3. zip: a compression and file packaging utility.
  4. unzip: A (de)compression library for the ZIP format
  5. p7zip: Command line version of 7-zip for POSIX systems.
  6. unrar: unrar is an application that can decompress files and archives created using the RAR compression scheme
  7. unarj: unarj - An uncompressor for .arj format archive files
  8. cabextract: Program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files


  1. nano: A pico like editor
  2. vim: Yet another version of the vi editor


  1. mc: Midnight Commander File Manager


  1. man: unix manual page reader
  2. lookat: lookat (or bekijk in the Dutch version) is a program to view Un*x text files and manual pages.
  3. texinfo: The GNU Documentation System.
  4. less: Less file browser
  5. most: MOST is a powerful paging program supporting multiple windows and can scroll left and right. Why settle for less?


  1. buildroot: uClibc compilation toolchain
  2. make: examines files and runs commands necessary for compilation
  3. automake: Creates GNU standards-compliant Makefiles from template files
  4. autoconf: Creating scripts to configure source code packages using templates
  5. m4: gnu macro processor and compiler front end


  1. samba2: Lightweight Samba suite provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.
  2. samba: Samba suite provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.
  3. samba3-swat: the Samba Web Admin Tool for samba3
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