[Tomato] 支援 ASUS RT-N16了



build 42 - 01/07/2010

USB kernel fixes, USB hotplug code clean-up and optimization, got rid of
the USB hotplug locks (patches by ray123).

Basic N-draft wireless mode support (single band only, the only currently
supported models witn N capability are WL-500W, and RT-N16 (with a special

Improved support for wireless client modes (wireless eyhernet bridge and
wireless client) to automatically restore lost connection.

Do not restart Samba/vsftpd on USB drives disconnect if disconnected
drive doesn't have any mounted partitions.

Proper support for buttons and leds on D-Link DIR-320 and Asus WL-500GPv2.

Busybox fixes from trunk: ash, tar, awk, crond, grep, mount, wget.

MiniUPnPd updated to version 1.4 (20091222).

Minor fixes and code clean-up.

Separate (EXPERIMENTAL) version for Asus RT-N16 based on kernel 2.6.22
(N-mode support, included SIP conntrack module, added extra Samba Asian




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