[Tomao] K26 Build 50 - 09/04/2010

這一版已正式支援Web Monitoring功能,同時也針對前一陣子喧騰一時的DNS rebinding攻擊事件提供保護功能。

Build 50 - 09/04/2010
Changes common for kernel 2.4 and kernel 2.6 based builds:
•Added Web Monitoring (domains and searches) with GUI using kernel and iptables modules by Eric Bishop from Gargoyle Project (http://www.gargoyle-router.com).
•DNS rebinding protection in dnsmasq is now optional (can be turned off in GUI). Fixed connectivity issues with some applications (i.e. Netflix iPad app) related to this protection being active.
•Support for Asus WL-500g Deluxe (untested), fixed support for Linksys WRT-300Nv1 in both - K26 and K24 - builds.
•Added Hurricane Electric IPv6 Tunnel Broker IPv4 endpoint address updater to Dynamic DNS services.
•Added Unicode support to httpd server - used for Web Usage display, and to show commands output on the Tools->System screen.
•Fixed error displaying USB Support GUI page when attached drive's label or model name contains quotes.
•Fixed timing bugs with restarting dnsmasq - thanks to Ray <ray123> for finding and analyzing the problem.
•Allowed auto-mount of file systems not supported by the firmware as long as corresponding kernel module for this file system is loaded.
•Allowed to set radio power up to 400mW (26dBm) - this will only work for some router models and some countries.
•Removed some Busybox applets (ftpput, clear, setconsole) from Lite builds to reduce size.
•Minor CIFS kernel driver fixes from upstream.
•Software updates: PPTP kernel drivers and accell-pptp client 0.8.5-rc1, Busybox 1.17.2, FTP Server (vsftpd) 2.3.2, ntfs-3g 2010.8.8 (in Extras builds), usb_modeswitch 1.1.4 with data package 2010-08-26.
•Toolchain: updated binutils to ver. 2.20.1.
•Simplified custom builds by allowing to specify nvram size at compile time (can be used to make special builds for Linksys E-series routers with 60KB nvram).
•Cosmetics and code clean up.

Kernel 2.6-based builds only (beta20):
•Support for dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) wireless-N radios. Only single radio interface is currently supported and can be configured via GUI (so no simultaneous dual-band just yet). Tested on Linksys WRT-320N. Experimental (not tested) support for Linksys WRT-610Nv2 (single radio only). Many thanks to Dominique <dbt78> for pilot implementation and lots of testing!
•Fixed very bad misconfiguration issue witn MiniDLNA media server causing it to erase all files in the media directory if the same directory is specified as the media database location.
•Fixed board data partition size for Netgear routers to prevent flashing a firmware image that's too big.
•Fixed occasional wireless disconnects during data transfers for some routers (namely Asus RT-N12, other models might be affected too).
•Disabled DFS server in Samba 3 to prevent errors when using with certain Linux clients (thanks to yatu for finding the issue and suggesting a fix).
•Fixed /dev/null, /dev/zero, /dev/gpio nodes permissions for non-priveledged users (needed for some additional software).
•Preliminary support for IPv6 in Extras and USB+VPN editions: all required kernel modules are included, iptables and other user space applications are compiled with IPv6 support activated, included radvd daemon. Firewall is not configured, no GUI configuration exists yet, and by default IPv6 is disabled on all interfaces!
•Various kernel bug fixes and optimization patches backported from upstream 2.6 kernel (mostly network/conntrack and USB related).
•Added support for GUID (EFI) partition tables.
•Removed rarely-used decoders from building FFMpeg library used by MiniDLNA to reduce size.
•Software updates: MiniDLNA 1.0.18 (cvs 2010-08-31), libraries used by MiniDLNA (sqlite 3.7.2, zlib 1.2.5, FFMpeg 0.6).

Build 49 - 08/02/2010
•This is a hot-fix release fixing a problem with OpenVPN not working in build 48. This build (including K26 beta19 builds) only exists for VPN editions.


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Hong [ 2010-09-06 04:53 | 回覆 | 編輯/刪除 ]
目前發現一個 bug
在 Basic / Network 下的 Wireless Channel
原先設定固定的 Channel (eg. 11) 會變成 Auto
還是一樣會變回 Auto
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