[Tomato] Update - build 9045, beta 10

4/6 build 9045, beta 10 更新

這一版仍然定位為 Beta 版,但是不再只是"早期"版本,這次更新了許多地方,所以需要做更多的測試。不過值得期待的是這一版的穩定性又往前邁出一大步。

Changes common for kernel 2.4 and kernel 2.6 based builds:
  • Improved stability of wireless link when using router in wireless client or wireless Ethernet bridge modes.
  • Automatically load network routing table supplied via DHCP from ISP with GUI setting to disable it if desired (enabled by default).
  • Replaced vconfig application with Busybox applet.
  • Fixed WLAN led for Asus WL500GPv2.
  • Use kernel driver for PPTP and L2TP connections to improve speed and reduce CPU load, replaced pptp-client with accel-pptp pppd plugin ver. 0.8.4. This is by far the biggest functional change in this build - still is in "alpha" stage, and needs more testing.
  • Allowed to specify server for PPTP and L2TP connections as either IP address (as before), or domain name.
  • Allowed PPTP connections with dynamic IP addresses ("Use DHCP" GUI setting).
  • Fixed bug causing constant reconnects for some PPPoE connections (introduced in previous build 44).
  • Added display of current wireless link rates to the "Status->Overview" and "Status->Device List" pages.
  • Display N-capability of AP in Wireless Survey results.
  • Country selection on Advanced->Wireless page changed to obtain the list of available countries from the wireless driver.
  • Fixed USB auto-share to only share actually mounted partitions, and not any other directory under /mnt.
  • Bind HTTP daemon to LAN interface only instead of to simplify binding of other applications (like pixelserv) to an alternate LAN IP (change by rhester72, see this thread for details).
  • Force hard reset if reboot hangs for longer then 10 secs.
  • Execute .autorun scripts located in /jffs when mounting JFFS partition.
  • Fixed Bandwidth history loading when it's trying to load a corrupted remote file.
  • Busybox: patches from trunk for awk, unzip, wget, modprobe, syslog, fdisk, ping, top, wc, ash, tail, vi. Added flock applet to the Extras build.
  • Software updates: ntfs-3g (in Extras build) 2010.3.6, MiniUPnPd 1.4 20100308, pppd (used by PPTP and L2TP connection) 2.4.5, GNU Zebra 0.95.
  • Minor fixes and cosmetics.
Kernel 2.6-based builds (since the previous beta07 has never been announced, here are the changes from beta05 to beta07):
  • Various fixes backported from kernel 2.6 tree to improve stability and reduce memory allocation errors.
  • Fixed bug writing random values into Ethernet controller registers at startup.
  • Fixed USB support for BCM5354 chipset (Asus WL500GPv2, WL520GU).
  • Fixed USB support for Netgear WNR3500L.
  • Fixed SSL certificates being rewritten on every reboot.
  • Added support for additional devices to USB option driver.
  • Fixed memory leak in USB hotplugging code.
  • Fixed bug preventing Scheduled Access restriction to be turned off.
  • Fixed setting conntrack hash table size via GUI.
Kernel 2.6-based builds (changes from beta07 to beta10):
  • Added support for Linksys WRT160Nv3 router.
  • Adjustments to correct LEDs behavior on Netgear WNR3500L.
  • Fixed support for large files (4GB+) in Samba 3.
  • Tune up the default Samba 3 configuration (can be overriden by specifying "socket options" settings in the "Samba Custom Configuration" box).
  • Fixed support for non-standard block sizes (!= 4KB), and the max file size calculation for Ext2 and Ext3 file systems (backports from kernel 2.6 tree).
  • Optimized OpenVPN build to utilize kernel epoll support (VPN builds).
  • Fixed VPN server/client "Stop Now"/"Start Now" button not working, and/or zombie vpnserver/vpnclient processes left when using this button (VPN builds).
  • Backports from kernel 2.6 tree to optimize and speed up memory allocator and network routing, and to improve overall stability. Enabled page allocation fallback.
  • Fixed IMQ driver causing network slow-downs and freezes when loaded, allowed to specify IMQ hooking behavior via module parameters.
  • Support for additional USB modems and bug fixes in USB option driver.
  • Fixed GRE/PPTP conntrack helper being broken preventing clients to connect to remote PPTP servers (There seems to be a conflict with RTSP conntrack module though. Uncheck RTSP helper if you still have issues with other conntracks).
  • Fixed USB Setup GUI page being inaccessible when some USB storage devices are connected to the router.
  • Bug fixes in kernel Netfilter modules: connlimit, recent, u32 and time matches, TCPMSS target, added hashlimit match.
  • Busybox: patch from trunk for lsusb.
  • Software updates: usb_modeswitch ver. 1.1.1.


    注意:刷 RT-N16 請務必使用 MIPSR2 版本韌體

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